What After Lockdown? Post lockdown effects

What after lockdown? How our life is going to change? How our life is going to affect?

So, in today’s article we are going to know or find out; what will happen after the lock-down considering our aspects of lifestyle and behavioral changes among us.

The Kirana Store: India has millions of Kirana stores; to buy the daily household needs, but people used to buy the same products in a wholesale shop to save Rs.2-3 per product in the main market, as the markets are closed and Kirana stores are at an advantage, people are buying the same products without any discount, and this may continue even after the lockdown ends. There is some probability (btw probability is one of the most ignored concept and before you judge me about this I mean it’s usage in day to day life) because just to save some penny’s people won’t visit the main market in heavy traffic (at least few per se). This adds a little bit of benefit to the richest man in India as he aims to make most of the Kirana stores digital with his all-new JioMart.

The Vegetable Market: Before the lock-down people used to go to the vegetable market to buy vegetables but during lock-down, vegetable vendors are directly coming to the areas where you live (at least in some cities) and sell it, also there is a probability that this might even continue after the lock-down is lifted (of course only to those places where the vendor gets more profit).

The Behavioral Change: This is the most obvious thing people will do post-lock-down, people start hesitating to shake hands with strangers and wash their hands regularly(which is a good thing) and strange, but to some extent, people will start using UPI payment instead of exchanging currency notes to avoid the contact of hands because yesterday when I went to buy groceries few were asking for UPI for the above reason and few gave the exact change to avoid contact(including me๐Ÿ˜).

The Mask and Hand Sanitizer: I am not going to argue whether the sales of sanitizer or mask will go up or down after the lock-down ends, but one thing is for sure that brands will start producing masks as a luxury product selling at a premium price (hope Apple doesn’t start selling iMask for whopping $1000๐Ÿ˜…) and people will start using masks and sanitizers everywhere also few become more hygienic than they already are.

The Indian Culture: As we have already seen Prime Ministers and Presidents of other countries doing NAMASTE instead of handshaking during the outbreak (even Prime Minister Modi might stop hugging others for a while๐Ÿคฃ), we might see our NAMASTE in future as well.

The Work From Home Culture: No suspense here, this will increase and the companies will get adapted to this culture also increase the facilities which help in WFH culture (also get ready to see more Dalgona Coffee pictures in near future).

The Public Health Sector:  The Indian Government will start spending more on public health infrastructure (at least we hope so). Try to make doctor, hospital beds and patient ratio as high as possible; even we might get a separate allocation in the budget for the present and future outbreak.  

The Usual Business (On a wider perspective): We might even see those people who are afraid to go out and buy the essentials (like my aunt and the credit goes to few media channels with their irritating/insane voices that they come up with). So, here IOT (Internet Of Things) plays a major role because companies are coming up with new technology like a refrigerator, were items are automatically booked whenever it goes empty inside the refrigerator and are delivered at your doorsteps.

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