Marginalization Is The New Black?

So, in today’s article, we will find out about how getting ill in public will lead to Marginalization during and after lockdown during this pandemic or outbreak.

So, first things first,

What is Marginalization?

According to the Oxford dictionary, it says; to make somebody feel as if they are not essential and cannot influence decisions or events in. In simple words we could say racism, castism is a kind of Marginalization.

If you are still wondering, why the hell this guy is talking about this now? Let’s break the ice; have you seen recently someone in public or nearby you who is coughing or sneezing (or both) and you are in a panic; because of the recent Outbreak, yeah, true right.

After lockdown, people would still be afraid of the outbreak, as there is long a time to come up with a vaccine; until then people would be afraid of those who are ill in public they try to distance themselves from that person (which is a good thing) but we might also see cases registered like; a mob beating a guy who might be just sick or have the common flu. As we have already seen these kinds of acts in trains where a person was thrown out of the train in the middle of nowhere just because he coughed twice.

So, we might witness a new kind of marginalization in the world for a short period (hope so). Here’s an instance, before the lockdown; when I was traveling in metro (outbreak had just started in the city) a guy coughed twice, suddenly everyone gave a mixed (panic and anger) look at him, and few took out their handkerchiefs to hold it against their nose and as soon as the next stop was announced the poor guy got off the metro quickly. I still wonder whether it was his destination stop or a panic stop.

There are certain scenarios were construction workers started their work after the lockdown. But, they had to stop their work; because the neighboring people threatened to call the police or to shut the work. After all, they were afraid that they might get the coronavirus due to these workers.

In countries like the U.S., Canada people used to greet each other even if they are unknown or at least give a smile when they walking down the lane. But, due to this pandemic, forget smile people are trying to distance themselves by changing the lane so that they could not even come close to a few feet.

So, we might see a new kind of Marginalization in the world until a vaccine is found.

Thank you for reading and hope to see you in the next one.

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